Friday, April 27, 2007

Ideas and Ideation

I have this brilliant concept for a film. Well, everyone has. The idea is always amazing but then I simply wonder where it gets lost by the time it becomes a script and then a film.
I have been watching films only on channels these days. I can watch a film alone only if its on television. To got to a theatre, I need to go with a friend, so that I can constantly comment. Anyways, I happened to catch many a flop films. Well, the idiot box is where they land eventually. They say such films recover their money through "Satellite Rights"... yeah, yeah, whatever...
But I must admit that many of these films had a good idea! Things got lost in the process. Loaded with unnecessary tracks and scenes, the basic problem was that these films were unable to hold one's attention. They forgot the most important rule - keep audience glued to the seats. The final product has to be crisp. It should be a journey where each and every moment is worth it.
You can have thousands of ways to lure public to the theatres but once the show is over, either the public has liked it or it hasn't. But unfortunately, the blame will go to director, actor, music and the producer will start making another proposal with another director, more saleable actor, different kind of music. The most neglected part will always be the screenplay.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

एक कविता

हमसे पूछो हमने इस गर्मी में जल कर देखा है

धूप से की दोस्ती तो छाँव को शिकवा हुआ
पड़ गये जो पाँव में छाले अगर तो क्या हुआ
आँच को अपनी हथेली पर मसल कर देखा है
हमसे पूछो हमने इस गर्मी में जल कर देखा है

पेड़ से छनती हुई किरणों से खेल खेला है
पीठ पर लादे हुए हमने अगन को झेला है
ओस में चिन्गारियों को भी बदल कर देखा है
हमसे पूछो हमने इस गर्मी में जल कर देखा है