Friday, October 26, 2007

Jab We Fell in Love

Jab We Met
I’ve watched Socha Na Tha 10 times. You can read my review of Socha Na Tha here -
I’ve loved that film and therefore I was expecting a lot from Jab We Met. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed at all. The film not only shows Imtiaz Ali’s growth as a storyteller, it also presents Shahid and Kareena as never seen before.
Two diametrically opposite characters Aditya and Geet meet on a train and their journey starts. One is nursing heartbreak while the other is looking forward to a life with the one she loves. Love happened. They don’t know when. You travel with them as an audience, experiencing their emotions, living their life. That’s the power of celluloid. You empathize with them, you laugh with them, and you cry with them, you celebrate with them.
This is easily Kareena’s best performance till date. There is always a risk in playing an overtly bubbly character. You end up looking like a caricature but Kareena knows the sharp edge she is supposed to walk on. Her character goes a major transformation post-interval and she just flows along. Watch out for the scene where she cries after calling herself Pagli, or when she abuses her boyfriend over the phone or the scene where she hugs Shahid minutes before the film ends. I doubt if this character could have been played by anyone else.

Shahid shows remarkable maturity. He handled all his scenes brilliantly and very subtly. Whether it’s his interaction with his mother, aptly played by Divya Seth, or the scene where he tries to make Kareena laugh by saying that he knows Karate, or the scene immediately after their intimate moment where he says, “Oye hota hai yaar!” You’ll just admire him with awe when he tells Kareena, “Yes I like you, but ye mera problem hai”.
Other characters that manage to leave an impact are Pawan Malhotra, Dara Singh and Rusty who plays Geet’s pretty cousin Roop. Tarun Arora gets to play an interesting character. You’ll get to laugh a lot at his expense.

Music by Pritam is very soothing. The picturisation of these songs are not only well-timed, they are also well-shot. Hum jo chalne lage, Ye ishq haye, Nagada, Tumse Hi are all testimony to this. Mauja hi Mauja comes at the right time drawing whistles from the crowd.
At the expense of nitpicking, I’d like to point out few flaws. Kareena’s excessive luggage gets miraculously transformed into a bag and a half. The second time she misses train needed a more strong reason. Shahid finds Kareena very easily in Simla. Can’t think of anything else but yes, I’ve carried home a memory of a wonderful film.
Imtiaz Ali manages to create wonderful film and a very smooth-flowing narrative. A big salute to him and the producers who trusted his vision. Jab We Met added to the list of my favourite films.