Monday, May 7, 2007

Spidey gets sidey

After watching Spiderman-3 with my group, I got to hear response like "Ye to makkad ke sholay hai" or "Is bollywood standard rising or hollywood standard falling" or "Thoda filmy nahi ho gaya"?? But what matters is that the two plus hours I spent inside the theatre, I really enjoyed myself. The visual effects, breathtaking of course, literally made me jump in my seats. One shot even had me ducking when the glass shattered.
Toby goes chubby, tries to be cute but fails. Harry Osbourne was and remains my favourite. MJ looks devastated, being the damsel in distress. Sandman reminds you of The Mummy series. The black stuff was the real hero. It gave our spidey some cool moves, a new wardrobe and even made him a great dancer. So, from now on, whenever I'll do something evil, I will blame it to my black vest.
The film was paisa-vasool. I won't mind watching it again. They should try putting some songs in the hindi version. My suggestions:
1. मेरे यार ये क्या हो गया. सुनते हैं तू बेवफ़ा हो गया
२. या रब्बा, दे दे कोई जान भी अगर
३. ज़िन्दगी तो बेवफ़ा है एक दिन ठुकराएगी
४. बन्दा ये बिन्दास है

what say???

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Aisa Sama Na Hota

Listening to Aisa Sama Na Hota for the 100th time since last week, I've decided to analyse the song. For all my friends who have not heard this song, you have missed out on one of the most beautiful compositions of Panchamda. Sung by Lataji and penned by Anjaan Sahab, this song according me works on several layers. Right from Ronu Majumdar's flute in the intro music, the song hooks you and the next 7 minutes are mesmerising.
Lataji's input to this song is extra-ordinary. Watch out for her renditions of simple words like samaa and shabnam, the feelings she has put in "Aise gungunati, yoon na gaati yeh hawa" or the way she gives clue to the interlude after the first stanza or the way she ends the song.
Salute to Anjaan Sahab for coming up with a line like "Raahein wohi, vaadi wohi badla kuchh nahin
Phir bhi tere milne se hai duniya kyun haseen"...
This is one of the songs where after coming up with a wonderful tune, Pancham da must have sat with his team working hard on transforming a good tune into a timeless classic. The arrangement compliments the lyrics, the singer and even inspires the filmmaker to capture breathtaking locales for a song that actually takes you to the scenic mountains.
In today's world, where each and every song is made with intentions of playing it in a discotheque, it's a treat to hear a song like Aisa Sama Na Hota. Panchamda, why did you have to leave so early?