Monday, June 18, 2007

Basu Da

Last night, when I saw Basu Da being awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at IIFA, images of all his films that have deeply influenced me, played before my eyes.
Started with an off-beat film like Sara Akash, he was one of the pioneers of the parallel cinema movement. But he decided not to indulge into making movies that cannot be understood without a brochure and gave us middle of the path films. You'll realise what I mean if you look at his filmography -

He adapted literary works so well, whether its Rajnigandha from Mannu Bhandari's "Yehi Sach Hai" or Swami from Saratchandra's novel by the same name. Bernard Shaw's Pygmallion has been adapted to screen so many times but Basu Da's Manpasand holds its position.

His ear for good music can never be neglected. Just to mention a few:
Ye jeewan hai - Piya Ka Ghar
Rajnigandha phool tumhare - Rajnigandha
Na jane kyon - Chhoti Si Baat
Gori Tera Gaon - Chitchor
Ka Karoon Sajni - Swami
Koi Roko Na - Priyatama
Thoda Hai Thode Ki - Khatta Meetha
Kabhi kabhi sapna lagta hai - Ratnadeep
Suniye Kahiye - Baaton baaton mein
Rimjhim gire saawan - Manzil
Main Akela - Manpasand
Shyam rang ranga re - Apne Paraye
Jab bhi koi kangana bole - Shaukeen

Basuda, we need you to make a film again. Come out of your Banwaas.