Sunday, July 15, 2007

Naqaab – Plagiarized Intentions!

Picture this scene between Gael Garcia Bernal and Natalia Verbeke:

Gael : What harm is there if you see me just once? Would you like to see me beg? Believe me, I'm no stranger to humiliation.
[Gets on knees]
Natalia : Get up.
Gael : A coffee.
Natalia : No.
Gael : One glass of water. In a brightly lit public place.
Natalia : Nope.
Gael : Ok, we don't even have to talk to each other. We don't even have to sit together.
Natalia : Nope.
Gael : You sit on one side of the room and I sit on the other.
Natalia : Nope.
Gael : And if everything goes really well, we'll just wave to each other every once in awhile.

If you have seen Naqaab, you know which scene is this! Well, the synopsis goes like this:
Spanish flamenco dancer Carmen (Natalia Verbeke) is preparing to marry well heeled but dull Brit Barnaby (James D'Arcy). During her "hen night" at a French restaurant, Gallic tradition dictates she must bid farewell to singledom by choosing a man from those present for one final kiss. She picks out-of-work Brazilian actor Kit (Gael Garcia Bernal), and the earth moves for both of them.
While she's irresistibly drawn to the passion and spontaneity offered by Kit, Carmen goes through with the marriage, seeking stability and protection from her troubled past. But Barnaby's priggishness soon drives her into Kit's bed, provoking a drastic reaction from her betrayed husband.
However, appearances are not what they seem, and the story's layers are peeled back to reveal an elaborate sex-lies-and-videotape scenario of deceit, ingenuousness, remorse and self-serving artistic ambition.
Oops! I am sorry! That was the synopsis of “Dot the I” – the original film. But then, why should I bother writing an original synopsis.
Coming to Naqaab, the lead performances are good, editing is crisp, and length of the film two hours so all in all, it is watchable.
The twist in the tale is good. I have always liked the climax and anti-climax stuff.
***SPOILER*** There is a major blunder in the film – Akshaye Khanna’s VO refers to Bobby Deol as Karan where as he is supposed to know him as Rohit. Were the director duo sleeping when Akshaye was dubbing this VO?
Urvashi’s debut is confident and you’ll like her in the film. Akshaye’s tilted smile and sheepish grin works with the role so good for him. Bobby’s volte-face is good but his face isn’t. What happened to the Bobby who was supposed to have an Italian look?
As for others like Raj Jutshi, Vikas Kalantri (why is he still here?) and Vishal Malhotra, there’s nothing worth mentioning.
The smartest move was to keep the film short and with only three songs out of which, one comes during the beginning credits. So, enjoy this short and smart ride and have few laughs during the end scroll too which has all the NG takes!